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Get Whitelisted - Marty - 05-14-2018

Please post a reply to this thread with your Minecraft username so you can be white-listed and join the server.

RE: Get Whitelisted - JakeXBL - 07-27-2018


RE: Get Whitelisted - Tommy - 07-30-2018

Username: alg0rithim

RE: Get Whitelisted - JakeXBL - 07-30-2018

(07-30-2018, 07:03 AM)Tommy Wrote: Username: alg0rithim
You've been whitelisted.

RE: Get Whitelisted - sabakugaara8 - 08-02-2018

Username: sabakugaara8

RE: Get Whitelisted - forestherd - 08-11-2018

My username: ForestHerd
My co-op partner's username: Xhijiru

I hope its not a problem if I request to get both my and my partner's account whitelisted. If it is, then I'll ask them to create an account on this forum and make the request themselves.

RE: Get Whitelisted - Sivilthrane - 09-17-2018

Posted in the discord as well, but figured I'd cover all bases.

IGN: Sivilthrane

RE: Get Whitelisted - D4vid169 - 10-31-2018

Username: D4vid169  whitelist me please

RE: Get Whitelisted - GoldiGame - 11-03-2018

My username is GoldiGame